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The Broodals are a villainous group of four rabbit wedding planners in Super Mario Odyssey and serve as the game's secondary antagonists. They all wear fancy clothing, which is color-coded between each of them, and have dark areas around their eyes. Bowser hires them to plan his wedding to Princess Peach. However, Mario then tries to stop them, battling them throughout the game's many kingdoms. When he reaches Bowser's Kingdom, they attack him in a giant robot called RoboBrood. However, Mario defeats their machine, causing it to launch into the sky and explode with them still inside. Once Mario has successfully stopped the wedding, the four smaller members, now jobless, head off Mario within the carrot-shaped Rabbit Ridge Tower on the Dark Side for a final confrontation. From there, they challenge Mario to a fight against each, back-to-back, for the Multi Moon, culminating in another battle against the RoboBrood. Once RoboBrood is defeated again, it once again launches off and explodes, leaving the Broodals' ultimate fate unknown.