Bronx (Voiced by Frank Welker) Unlike the rest of the Manhattan Clan, Bronx is a dog-like gargoyle beast. His lack of wings often results in him having to be carried by another gargoyle, although he possess excellent land speed.

Although a member of the Manhattan Clan, Bronx is not technically a gargoyle. Rather, he's a gargoyle beast resembling a dog, or at least with a dog-like brain. As mentioned above, Bronx lacks wings and has to be carried (usually by Hudson) while air traveling

Unlike the other gargoyles, Bronx cannot talk, but he is still very intelligent and considered a full-fledged member of the clan. Bronx is a fierce and formidable fighter when there is an emergency, a loyal friend, and a very good judge of character. He is often found sleeping by Hudson's recliner, while Hudson is watching TV. Bronx hates pigeons, with an almost savage fury, frequently chasing them away when he wakes at dusk.


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