Booster Gold by D MAC

Booster Gold & Skeet

Booster Gold (Voiced by Tom Everett Scott) was a janitor as a museum, wishing for a life of fame and recognition, he stole a power suit from an unnamed 24th Century Hero and along with a security robot Skeets Voiced by Billy West) fled back to the 21st century where he could become a star. Once there he met and became best friends with the second Blue Beetle. He also became known as the hero from the future who fights crime just to make a quick buck. Booster also tried pitching his homemade products to toy companies although they turned him down due to his status as a c rank hero.

Always ready to make a quick buck, Booster Gold is an arrogant and egotistic hero intent of becoming a super star. But when push comes to shove he usually pulls through showing that he does indeed have the heart of a hero, even if his shinannigans to tend to annoy his more by the book allies.


Booster gained his "powers" from the artifacts he stole from a museum in the 25th century .

Booster's equipment includes:

  • Legion flight ring
  • Power suit
  • Time-travel circuitry
  • Gauntlets
  • Visor devices

Skeets is a 25th century security robot (sometimes "valet unit") with artificial intelligence. He is capable of flight, cognitive thinking, and voice projection, which is all considered highly advanced for 21st century Earth. He also has historical records and headlines which give him a vast knowledge of what will happen between the 21st and 25th centuries, though its reliability has become questionable, as stated above. He possesses numerous miniature tools and weapons kept within his shell, and is also equipped with a powerful energy blaster. He is apparently immune to reality and temporal manipulation.

Skeets bb

Skeets Close-up


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