Black Canary

Black Canary a.k.a. Dinah Lance (voiced by Grey DeLisle) is a superheroine who grew up in the shadow of her late mother's exploits never knowing the truth about how her mother passed on. Wildcat promised to Lance's mother that he would watch over her as long as he lived. As the second Black Canary, Lance trained under the Justice Society of America as their star pupil and became a superb athlete and fighter in her own right. She also has her mother's metagene that gave her the ability to project sonic screams which was nicknamed "Canary Cry." In time, she learned how to make subtle use of her power and can project it as a whistle or a high intensity wave. Dinah is skilled in Judo and Boxing from which she learned the second from Wildcat. One of the cities she patrols is Gotham City and openly flirted with her old classmate, Batman. She later joined the Justice League International.


  • Black Canary's only superpower is her sonic scream, which has been nicknamed "the Canary Cry". However, this power can be easily prevented if Black canary is gagged.


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