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Basil of Baker Street (originally voiced by the late Barrie Ingham, currently voiced by Maurice LaMarche) is the main protagonist of the 1986 Walt Disney movie The Great Mouse Detective. Basil is, as the name of the movie says, a detective, having sharpened his skills by living underneath the home of Sherlock Holmes. He is as brilliant as Holmes when it comes to solving cases, but is also a bit moody when something doesn't go his way. He is called on by Dr. Dawson and Olivia Flaversham to find her missing father, the inventor Hiram Flaversham. Hiram has been kidnapped by Basil's #1 enemy, the notorious Professor Ratigan, who has been the object of Basil's search for a number of years. Basil goes to a toy store to investigate, and Olivia is kidnapped. Basil's keen detecting instincts lead him to Ratigan's hideout, where he is ambushed and hooked up to an elaborate Rube Goldberg-style death machine. When Ratigan leaves to put his plan into action, Basil manages to free himself, Dawson, and Olivia, and head to the Queen's Jubilee. Ratigan escapes the fiasco that erupts and his henchman Fidget grabs Olivia. This leads to a brawl on Big Ben, which ends with Ratigan falling and taking Basil with him. But, fortunately, Basil manages to make it out alright.

Basil is a member of the Bugs and Daffy's Adventures team, a valuable asset to the squad because of his keen detecting skills.
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Basil's Element of Harmony (Loyalty)


  • Basil first meets and joins the Bugs and Daffy's Adventures team in Bugs and Daffy meet The Great Mouse Detective.
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