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"You seem to think of war as something awful, something terrible. But what could be more exciting or noble than a true real chance to prove oneself in the only thing that matters: The Game of Survival." 

Bartarus is a Jirlhanne war chieftain who joined the ranks of the Verlorenes Battalion as a volunteer officer. Despite neither having an official rank in the Verlorenes Battalion or even being a member of the First Order, Bartarus serves as the secondary ground commander of the Verlorenes Battalion, second only to Major Degurechaff and Yaag Rosch. A brutal and savage warrior, Bartarus has come to be known as the "Degurechaff's gorilla." Typically, Bartarus is the first into the battlefield and the last to leave, refusing to vacate the battleground until he has tasted the blood of his enemies.


Bartarus was one of the Jirhanne who did not join the Covenant Empire when it appeared on the Jirlhanne home planet of Doisac. Instead, he rejected the religion of the Forerunners and the Great Journey. For his troubles, the Covenant wiped out his entire pack. The sole survivor, he barely managed to escape, fleeing to the outer reaches of space. Here, he began working as a mercenary in order to support himself. Over time, Bartarus became feared and respected in equal measure.  

Eventually, he found himself hired by the Resistance as a mercenary to fight against the First Order. On the battlefield, he found himself fight against the Verlorenes Battalion. Bartarus initially dismissed them as pathetic "toy soldiers." However, that changed when he meet Tanya Von Degurechaff on the battlefield. He looked into her eyes and saw the exact same ruthlessness of the Covenant Warriors who slaughtered his pack. The next night, he murdered the Resistance fighters in their sleep and presented them to the Verlorenes Battalion as a peace offering. Now, Bartarus works as a member of the Verlorenes Battalion in exchange for money, food and the pleasure of killing in battle. 


One would expect given Bartarus' past that he would bare a great hatred and vengeance toward the Covenant Empire and similar fanatical totalitarian organizations. One would hope that Bartarus had come to hate and loathe violence after the destruction of his pack.  One would like to believe that Bartarus would use his incredible strength and ferocity to wage war against the kinds of people who ruined his life and took away his hope.  The Resistance held these beliefs and hopes. It cost them dearly. 

Contrary to what one might wish or hope to believe, Bartarus has become only more violent and savage since the destruction of his pack and fleeing his home planet.  Bartarus has now come to value strength above all else, even honor or family.  He believes that he should have taken the side of Covenant during their occupation.  He believes this because Bartarus has seen first-hand the ruthless effect of power and now he worships it.  To Bartarus, the real purpose of life, who is right and who is wrong, is determined only by who is most powerful. 

Bartarus considers himself something of a social scientist. He joined the Verlorenes Battalion not because of any loyalty to the First Order or even Major Degurechaff. Rather, he joined in order to "see how things play out."  Bartarus wishes to wager first hand the strength of the various galactic factions and find out who is the strongest. 

As the primary army commander of the Verlorenes Battalion, Bartarus is a cruel and ruthless master.  He demands absolute brutality and effectiveness from his soldiers.  Otherwise, he will punish them himself. Bartarus is collectively feared by the Stormtrooper corps.  The most common rumor spread around the Deus Ex Machina is that Bartarus eats soldiers who disappoint him. As such, most stormtrooper would rather charge into battle without any armor than dare risk Bartarus' wrath.