Bandit Keith

Bandit Keith (voiced by Ted Lewis) is the former U.S. Duel Monsters Champion. He wanted to get back at Maximillion Pegasus for defeating him, and humiliating him. He snuck into Duelist Kingdom to get his revenge, and hired Bonz, and his friends, and only to knock them out after losing to Joey Wheeler. When he got into the kingdom he stole Joey's card to keep him from entering the finals, and cheated during the match. When he was exposed, he threatened to hurt Pegasus unless he got the prize money, but was ejected out to the castle and into the ocean. While in the sea, he was found and rescued by Marik Ishtar and made a Rare Hunter. He dueled Yugi until Yami Bakura freed him from Marik's control, went insane and created a fire, and ran out screaming for his life, never to be seen again. Bandit Keith is one person who you really hate, because of his cheating ways. His deck is comprised of powerful machine monsters. His aces are Slot Machine, Barrel Dragon, and Launcher Spider.


  • Bandit Keith will appear in the near future.
  • It's unknown what became of Bandit Keith after he ran off, but Joey personally hopes that he never returns "or else".
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