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Bambi (currently voiced by Alexander Gould) is the main character of Bambi and Bambi II. He's a young deer prince who was born in a forest.

He learns about life, death and survival in his adventures with Selena Gomez, The Genie, Mushu, Ariel, Phil and Donkey his ohana, he was cursed by his arch foe Lord Ralphscoe that he will stay a young fawn for thousands of years, Selena tried to cured the cursed but she failed but she did happen to give Bambi god-like strength which will be easy for him too defeat Lord Ralphscoe and the rest of his villain buddies

Bambi as an adult.

His best friends are Thumper the bunny and Flower the skunk whom has their own ohana adventures. His love interest is Faline. His arch foes are Ronno and Lord Ralphscoe.