Bagheera (originally voiced by Sebastian Cabot, currently voiced by Bob Joles) is one of the main characters of the Disney movie The Jungle Book. Bagheera (or "Baggy", as he is called by Baloo the Bear) is a no-nonsense black panther who first discovers Mowgli on the banks of a river when he was just a baby. He leaves Mowgli with a family of wolves, but when he becomes oler and they insist he be returned to the man village, Bagheera volunteers to bring him home. Mowgli refuses and continues to do so through the rest of the movie. The panther tries to talk sense into him, as Mowgli continuously runs into danger (the hypnotic snake Kaa, King Louie and his monkeys) and is fearful that Mowgli will be killed by the man-hating tiger Shere Khan. Bagheera is also not fond of Baloo, but warms up to him, especially when he delivers a eulogy when it seems Shere Khan killed him (he was actually knocked out). When Mowgli finally leaves the jungle after a village girl captures his eye, Bagheera assures the sad Baloo that it's all for the best, and the two head back to their happy jungle homes.



  • Bagheera will meet Jeffrey in Jeffrey & Friends' Adventures of The Jungle Book. In the series, he acts as one of Jeffrey's mentors.
  • Bagheera appears as one of the many imprisoned animals in the Juniper Lee's Adventures Series episode Animal Alcatraz.
  • Bagheera is a member of the Shell Lodge Squad.
  • Bagheera is a Husband of Panthy.
  • Bagheera and Panthy had twin cubs named Ruby and Sapphire.
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