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Babyfier (voiced by Tara Strong) is Experiment 151 of Dr. Jumba's Experiments.

Primary Function

Babyfier can sprinkle a pink powder from his rattle-like tail over the target that causes his victims to regress both physically and mentally into babies (or toddlers). If not cured, said victims will have to grow up all over again.


A mixture of two teaspoons of applesauce, one cup of milk, three mashed bananas, and a dollop of 100% Kona coffee reverts Babyfier's victims to their original age. Alternatively, a special type of flower unique to Izayoi Island can be used as a substitute for the Kona coffee.


  • His one true place is at the dog shelter turning old dogs into adorable puppies, thus making them more appealing to potential adopters.
  • Babyfier bears some resemblance to Mew from Pokemon, even having the same designation number, 151.
  • Favorite Sandwich: Pureed carrots
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