B'wana Beast
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"I take the best parts of two animals and combine them into one unstoppable force!" - B'Wana Beast

Mike Maxwell (Voiced by Kevin Michael Richardson) was a wrestler in Africa competing in a wrestling match against a masked red ape but was defeated and thrown in the mud, he then went to a nearby spring to clean himself off but unbeknownst to him there were numerous toxic barrels containing unknown chemicals within the water which gave him super strength, super speed, agility, fangs, feline eyes and the unusual ability to merge two beasts together. With his new found strength he defeated the red ape and claimed its mask as his trophy. He would continue to wear this mask forever more in his superhero identity as B'Wana Beast. 

He's good friends with Vixen, B'Wana Beast's long time girl friend and future wife who affectionately refers to him as 'Bwannie'


  • When B'Wana Beast drinks the enchanted mineral water, his physical abilities are enhanced to superhuman levels
  • B'Wana Beast's helmet enables him to both communicate and control animals, and create chimeras from two different animals

Weakness: The duration of B'Wana Beast's powers depends on how much mineral water he has drank. He does not have this weakness in the show.


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