Axel Brodie (voiced by Marc Thimpson) is the top-ranked duelist of West Academy and another friend to Jaden. Axel is a soldier who was Professor Viper's right-hand man who came to Duel Academy as a transfer student, until Jaden showed Axel to have fun when dueling, 'causing Axel to be suspisious about Viper's plans, and turn against him. When Jaden and his friends were sent to the alternate dimension, and Jaden became the Supreme King, after Jim challenged the King to a duel to save Jaden and lost, 'causing him to be sent to the stars, Axel became so scared to face the King and ran off with the Eye of Orichalcum. But after regaining his strength from a bunch of villagers, Axel faced the Supreme King in a duel, which ended up in a draw. Axel was able to use the Eye of Orichalcum to free Jaden, and both Axel and the Supreme King were sent to the stars. When Jaden defeated Yubel, Axel and everyone else who was sent to the stars, returned home.


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