Axel (Kingdom Hearts)

Axel (voiced by Quinton Flynn) is a member of Organization XIII Ranked Number VIII, and is the Nobody of Lea. He controls the element of fire. Axel is best friends with Roxas and Xion. At one point, Axel was sent to Castle Oblivion to eliminate the members that were conspiring against the Organization. Axel played along with those members plot to overthrow the Organization, until he used Naminé to betray them. Later, after Roxas left the Organization, Axel was sent to get him back, but failed. Soon, Axel left the Organization too. He even took Kairi from the islands, but he did it to "see Roxas again." Axel met his demise when he sacrificed himself to destroy all the Nobodies he and Sora faced on their way to the World That Never Was. With Axel's destruction, Lea was reborn.



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