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Note~ Not to be confuesed with Audrey II Audrey Junior (voiced by Terry Mcgee) is a kind-hearted and helpful plant, not a "mean, green mother from outer space" who, unlike his live-action counterparts, has eyeballs. revealed that Junior was hatched from a prehistoric Earth plant that had been dormant for over 200 million years. Although Junior has a voracious appetite, this version of the plant does not feast on human blood but he does eat other types of meat. While based mainly on the musical, the plant did retain its ability to hypnotize people, as it did in the 1960 film, as well as the ability to telekinetically manipulate plants - an ability he dubbed his "vegetable magnetism." Audrey Junior was also no longer a potty mouthed, trash-talking psycho-plant. He was on Seymour's side, though more often than not, would aid without Seymour's knowledge (often because its actions were generally cheating—sometimes by using its hypnotic abilities).   


  • Audrey Junior will meet Craig in Craig & Friends Adventures of Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs. At the end,he'll join the club to which starts a running gag of him being constantly studied by Doc Brown and Alex Payne.
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