Atticus Rhodes

Atticus possessed as Nightshroud.

Atticus Rhodes (voiced by Jason Anthony Griffith) is Alexis Rhodes' older brother. He and several other students went missing after going into the abandoned dorm, and Atticus became a Shadow Rider called Nightshroud. But he was freed after Jaden beat the darkness controlling him in a Duel. With Atticus' help, Jaden was able to beat the other Shadow Riders. In the second year, Atticus was interested in show business and tried to get Alexis to join him, much to Alexis' annoyance. In the third year, Atticus traveled with Jaden and the others to the alternate dimension to find Jesse. After Jaden's duel with Zure, Atticus, Chazz, Hassleberry and Alexis became marked with a wicked rune which responded to the emotion they expressed. Atticus' was Anguish. Atticus and the others were captured by Brron and sent to the stars after being sacrificed during Jaden's duel with Brron. But he was freed, along with the others, after Jaden fused his soul with Yubel's. 
Mlp resource elements of harmony by grievousfan-d6eiln8 (1)

Atticus' Element of Harmony (Honesty)

When Atticus was Nightshroud, he used a Dragon deck styled after the Red-Eyes Black Dragon. His second deck was a Warrior/Beast-Warrior styled deck, went back to dragons afterwards.


  • Atticus will guest star in Jeffrey, Jaden & Friends meet George of the Jungle. By the end, Atticus will join the team.
  • Atticus develops a crush on Mitsuki. They soon start a relationship with each other. He might eventually propose to Mitsuki.
  • When Jaden marries Alexis, this makes Atticus Jaden's brother-in-law.
  • Just like Alexis, Xion finds his behavior to be irritating at times. So does Lily, but she loves her uncle no matter what.
  • Atticus eventually passes the card "Swing of Memories" down to Bruce in the future.
  • In Japan, while as Nightshroud, he is called Darkness in Japanese. But as Atticus, he's known as Fubuki Tenjoin.
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