son of lord dominator.

he is a main protagonist and has a power like his mom, as dominator has fire and ice powers. her son has electricity to harnest and control.

dominator has prepared astro all his life to be as evil as she is. and to destroy everything in his path in the future. but no matter how hard astro tried to make dominator proud of him. she only thought of her own son as a "pathetic worm"


after years of training her son, she grew tired of his weakness. and abandon him on a stranded planet to die off. but after holding in his sorrow and anger so much. he fought off some very powerful enemies. but he didn't kill them or destroyed their planet.

meeting the rainbooms and team owl

he made his very first appearance in twilight & kyle : legend of the alicorn sword.

where he came to the planet earth for the first time, and was used as a weapon for HYDRA. unfortaintly he never listens to orders, not even from bad guys like them. he met twilight and kyle in person. and soon later accepted him as part of their friendship. he later gotten use to being friends with them. that he agreed to protect the alicorn sword from ultron's grasp. at the end. they became more of like a family towards astro. that they gave him the love his mother never did towards him. they never cared about him being the son of lord dominator. they only cared for who he chose to be.

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