Astrid in Wonderland is a spoof created by Aaron the Meerkat that is currently on YouTube.


Astrid as Alice

Rapunzel as Alice's sister

Gurgi as Dinah

Po as The White Rabbit

Sebastian as The Doorknob

Rex as The Dodo

Lumiere and Cogswarth as TweedleDee and TweedleDum

Woody as the Carpenter

Buzz Lightyear as the Walrus

Mushu as Bill the Lizard

Roxanne Ritchi as Red Rose

Dr.Facilier As The Caterpillar

Simba as The Cheshire Cat

Danny Cat as The Mad Hatter

Snipes as The March Hare

Remy the Rat as The DorMouse

Mother Gothel as The Queen of Hearts

Creeper as The King of Hearts


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