Aster Phoenix (voiced Pete Zarustica) is a pro duelist in Yu-Gi-Oh! GX who duels with a Destiny Hero deck, and is another one of Jaden's friends.

Original series:

When he was a kid, Aster's father was taken from him, and he swore to find the one responsible for it. He eventually enrolled in Duel Academy, where he dueled Jaden Yuki several times, and eventually, they became friends, and worked together to stop Sartorius from showering the world in the Light of Destruction.

During year three, when everyone went to the alternate dimension to find Jesse, Aster was one sent to that dimension too. He helped Zane and Axel defeat the Supreme King and free Jaden from his control. When Adrian came by and tried to use Echo's duel energy to free Exodia, Aster dueled him to try and stop him. But Aster lost from the effect of Exodia, and was sent to the stars. He and everyone else who was sent to the stars were freed when Jaden fused his spirit with Yubel's.


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