Asriel Dreemurr is the final boss of the game Undertale.


Asirel is the son of Asgore and Toriel, adopted brother to Chara and prince of the Underground. One day while exploring the Ruins, he found a human name Chara, who fell into the Underground by accident. Asirel took Chara to his parents, whom they adopt as a second son and best friend to Asriel. But that happiness soon ended when Chara became sick and died. Chara made one made request to Asriel-to see the golden flowers in his village. Upon Chara's death, Asirel adsorbed his soul to carry his friend's body to cross the barrier. Upon entering the village, the townsfolk, thinking Asirel attacked and killed Chara, attack the prince, but he didn't fight back and fled. Asirel ended up mortally wounded from the fight as he return to the Underground and died. Upon his death, Asiriel turn to dust, which spread across the garden. Alphys, the royal scientist, inject determination into one of the garden's golden flower and Asriel was reborn as Flowery.


  • It's possible that Asriel would be given his own heart by the gods as a second chance to the boy.
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