"You should know, A sword is not a toy." - Ashram

Ashram (voiced by John Knox) is a Knight of Emperor Beld, and a possibly redeemed character in Aaron's Adventures of Record of Lodoss War, Chronicles of The Heroic Knight. He is also Known as the "Black Knight", Ashram is a highly skilled warrior and the former retainer and right-hand aide of Emperor Beld. He served Beld during the War of Heroes, and was sent in the front to deal with any possible resistance. When Beld fell in The War of Heroes, Ashram took up his blade, The Demon Sword Soul Crusher and returned to Marmo to regroup. Later on, Ashram seeks to dominate Lodoss rather than conquer it, as he looks for one of the governor's treasures, the Scepter of Domination. After the destruction of the scepter, Ashram is believed to have become a Heartless in the fires of Fire Dragon Mountain, but it is later revealed that one of the agents of Wagnard sacrifices his powers (stripped by Wagnard himself) in order to save him from becoming a Heartless, along with creating a Nobody. Ashram would eventually become a lover for a Dark Elf named, Pirotess.


  • Ashram will face Aaron in The Record of Lodoss War Series, and learn that he has to face other forces, and helps out from time to time, but is still, a Rival to Parn.
  • Ashram will serve as a possible rival to Kirito.
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