Artimis is Apollo and Abel's sister and the divine lord of the Moon. She aids her brother, Apollo, in any way she can, especially if gets to start worrying about the concern of their new friends.


Artemis was once a young  girl named Aina, and she lived with her brthers, Cain and Abel for as long as she can remember. After Abel disappeared, Cain and Aina went out to find only to be defeated by Devimon. She was reborn into Artemis in to find out where Abel might be. After reuniting with her brother, she joins the team with Apollo.


  • She is Abel and Apollo's sister.
  • She was once known as Aina.
  • Artemis will eventually meet up woth Aaron and his friends and reunite with Abel in a future episode, and at the end, she joins the team.
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