Room of Sleep Aqua's Armor

Aqua's Keyblade and Armor

Armored and Dangerous is an upcoming Jeffrey, Jaden, and Friends' Storm Adventures chronicles episode created by tigerman531 and Ren the God of Humor. It's also the Season 5 finale.


It's been one year since Aqua was freed from the Realm of Darkness, and some of the members of the team wanna surprise her with somthing special: her armor and original Keyblade. Beetles, Patch and Xion lead some of the other members to retrieve it, but can they withstand the dangers ahead of them?


  • The Guard Armor Heartless will appear in this.
  • Although Aqua gets her Stormfall Keyblade back, she later passes it down to Xion in the Justice League episode, "The Terror Beyond."


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