"Let's get started." - Arik's usual saying.

Arik Matsuhiro is the son of Aaron Matsuhiro, & Megan Mizaki. He is very kind, gentle, funny, responsible, adventurous, a little reckless, & helpful to anyone he considers a friend. Arik travels alone right now, however, he knows that soon, he'll find someone who can become a member of his adventure team. He plans to rebuild the Miztyk Knights, so he can stop Lucifer, & bring peace back to the United Universe. His guild is AthenaPoseidonAbel, & the siblings Alone, & Sasha.

Arik is shown as young boy with blue eyes, brownish-blonde semi-spiky hair, white skin, wears a blue t-shirt, red shorts, & grey shoes. He also wears a grayish blue cloak as a cape, mainly when he travels. He pretty much has the gaming skills of both his parents. He even learned to be a very patient boy when his parents are busy helping out at the village he lives at. Now he, uses these skills which person is good enough to join his parents long lost team, reborn in the newest generation, the return of The Miztyk Knights, is already now underway.


After the final battle with Lucifer, Aaron, & Megan settled in a small quiet place, and soon, had their son. As Arik grow older, he started to have minor adventures in the village. His hunger for traveling was so strong, that his parents soon learned of Lucifer's resurrection, he took the chance to go on a real adventure that was far from home. He missed his family, ever since he left for his journey. He now travels all over the United Universe, gaining new allies, and soon meeting some new friends from some other adventure teams, hopefully with their help, he'll be one step closer to stopping Lucifer, forever.


  • Arik is able to translate many different languages, he was taught this by Athena.
  • He has even learned to manage and control, magic, he was taught this by Abel.
  • Arik also learned to control the elements of Nature by Poseidon.
  • Lucifer will constantly cause trouble for Arik, just he did to his parents.
  • Jeffrey Dragonheart will become one of Arik's mentors.
  • Arik now has a baby sister named Hana Matsuhiro.
  • Arik also has a girlfriend named Jade Lee.
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