Aria McCloud is the baby daughter of Fox McCloud and Krystal. She looks very much like her mother, but has the same courageous spirit as her father and grandfather before her. She is also very kind and friendly to anyone she meets. Aria also seems to have a keen interest in being on the Star Fox team like her parents someday. Slippy Toad even believes she would be an amazing pilot just like her parents.


  • Her parents Fox and Krystal
  • The Star Fox team
  • Spaceships
  • The Justice Guardians
  • Bruce Dragonheart (love interest)
  • Lily Yuki and Flurry Heart (friends)
  • Dinosaurs
  • Sauria
  • Playing with Bruce, Lily and Flurry Heart
  • Magic


  • Set
  • Andross
  • General Scales
  • Eggsnatchers
  • King Redeye
  • Her family and friends hurt or upset
  • Mr. Director


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