Arawn Death-Lord is a mysterious sorcerer, and the main antagonist of "The Chronicles of Prydain" Book Series by Llyod Alexander. He was once the Ruler of Annuvian, and ruled with dark magic. Arawn is able to change his form into many things, like a snake for example. In the end, Arawn met his end when he was thrown alive into what would become, "The Black Cauldron". After he was defeated, The Horned King, his general took control, and became the new ruler, and continued Arawn's ambitions. Arawn was once a young sorcerer, who worked Archen, but soon, he mastered enough magic to over power her and seize the thrown. Arawn is powerful, tricky, and decitful.


  • Arawn's defeat

    After Annuvian was destroyed, The Cauldron was discovered by Lucifer, and using his magic, he freed both Arawn, and The Horned King, and the two would join him as a way of saying thanks, in the end of Aaron and The Black Cauldron.
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