(Voiced by Scott Rummell) is the well-known king of Atlantis & defender of the ocean.

Born the son of Princess Atlanna of the Atlantian city Posidonis and the exiled sorcerer Atlan, Arthur Curry was trained by his stepfather Tom to use his powers to protect the seas from the forces of evil. After his stepfather's death, Arthur became the hero known as Aquaman, balancing both superheroics and his duties as king of the seas. Ever the adventurous one, Aquaman never turns down a chance to team up with his old pal, Batman...even if the Cowled Crime Fighter says it's a solo mission. Aquaman is the optimistic, positive, happy-go-lucky, loudmouthed, neighborly and lovable king of Atlantis. He is extraordinarily an easy-going and unbelievably jolly fellow with a gigantic heart. This monarch has a extremely sunny and very talkative personality. Incredibly adventurous and highly fun-loving, Aquaman is known to enjoy fun and crime-fighting at the same time.


  • Aquapathy (Telepathic control over marine life).
  • Superhuman Strength, Endurance, Agility, Reflexes, Durability, and Senses
  • Bullet-Proof Skin
  • Superspeed Swimming
  • Hydrokinesis



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