Anti venom by hewylewis-d7dpdbl

Anti-Venom is a character from Spider-Man. He was once Eddie Brock and the monstrous being named Venom. The Symbiote was causing Eddie a terrible pain from being united by the blob for so long. Spider-Man, was able to free him, and get a small sample for Dr. Connors to examine and create antidote, to destroy the Symbiote before it found a new host. With Spider-Man's help, he was able to create anew Symbiote and fused it with Eddie, and He was cured, and empowered into Anti-Venom. He then dedicated his life to destroying the remaining Symbiote spawn that remained unchecked, with Spider-Man, and even defeated Venom's son like spawn, Carnage.


  • Anti-Venom will appear in the future taking on a new Venom, and Carnage.
  • kyle akers will become it's new host after harry Osborn from ultimate spider-man.
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