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[[Category:Jeffrey & Friends Allies]]
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Antauri black

Antauri (Voiced by Kevin Michael Richardson) is a black cybernetic monkey and the second-in-command of the Super Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce. He also serve as a mentor of the team and use his Ghost Claws in battle. Antuari can also sense the Power Primate which allow him to contact Chiro. However, his original body was destroyed during a fight with Skeleton King. His spirit is pass into Chiro, which turn him into a monkey. Antarui is given a new silver robotic body which allow him to phase through walls and other solid objects.

Antuari silver


Monkey Mind Scream.

Claw Disruptor

Ghost-Claw Attack

Faze and Daze


Ghost Blades

Ghost Pen mode


  • Antauri, along with the rest of the Hyperforce will meet Jaden and Jeffery in the future.
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