Ansem the Wise
Ansem the Wise
 (voiced by the late Christopher Lee and currently by Corey Burton) is the sage-king of Radiant Garden and Terra-Xehanort's former master in the Kingdom Hearts saga. In order to protect his people from the darkness, he spent much of his time studying the heart with his apprentices (Braig, Dilan, Even, Aeleus, Ienzo, and Xehanort), but was eventually exiled to the Realm of Nothingness when they were corrupted by that same darkness. He himself gained dark powers and renamed himself DiZ (Darkness in Zero) and set out on a quest to avenge himself against his apprentices.

In Kingdom Hearts II, he snuck into Organization XIII's stronghold, and encoded Kingdom Hearts into data with a special device, but the results caused the device to explode and Ansem vanishes completely.



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