Annie (voiced by Megan Hollingshead) and Oakley (voiced by Lisa Ortiz) are members of Team Rocket and the main antagonists of Jaden's Adventures of Pokemon Heroes. Both plotted to steal the Soul Dew and the Eon Pokémon in order to power up the machine called the Defense Mechanism of Alto Mare. Ash and Jaden defended Latias from the two when she was disguised as a human, but later on, they both tracked down both Latios and Latias, and managed to capture Latios and steal the Soul Dew. Oakley took control of the machince and brought back fossils of prehistoric Pokémon to life and put the city on lock-down. She even almost attempted to flood the whole city. But soon, the machine went crazy, and Oakley lost control of it. In the end, both Annie and Oakley were sent to prison.

Annie's Pokemon

  • Espeon

Oakley's Pokemon

  • Ariados


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