Angela, (lit. "She-Angel, voiced by Brigitte_Bako Brigitte Bako]. Hatched from one of the clan's eggs while they were being safeguarded by Princess Katharine, the Magus, and Tom the Guardian on Avalon, she was originally a member of the Avalon_Clan Avalon Clan of gargoyles. However, after Goliath Goliath, Elisa_Maza Elisa MazaBronx Bronx, visited Avalon for the first time, she left with them as part of the worldwide quest that Avalon had sent them on known by fans as "the world tour".

On the journey, Anton Sevarius revealed to Angela that she was Goliath's biological daughter. Despite pressure from Angela and others, he was unwilling to treat her as such for a long while (claiming that to a gargoyle, the whole clan are their parents), until Diane Maza, Elisa's mother convinced him. Beyond this, Angela also learned that her mother was Demona (now an enemy of the Manhattan Clan) and attempted to bond with her. Elisa early on commented that there was something about Angela that reminded her of Demona; indeed, Angela resembles Demona in build, but has her father's (Goliath's) coloring and personality.

Despite her sheltered, peaceful upbringing on Avalon, Angela is an extremely perceptive and cunning warrior with a temper reminiscent of both of her parents. Her natural curiosity and thirst for adventure is what inspired her to leave the safety of Avalon - as she told her rookery brother Gabriel, she wanted to "see the world, find [her] place in it". Having been raised by loving humans, she has difficulty understanding the prejudices that the majority of the human race displays towards her kind. She is also an extremely moral individual unaccustomed to deception, as evidenced by her shocked reaction to Goliath's lie about his hallucinations in "Shadows of the Past".

Upon returning to Manhattan, she was readily accepted by the other clan members. The three younger males of the Manhattan clan, also known within the Gargoyles storyline as "The Trio", all close to her own age - BrooklynLexingtonand Broadway - all attempted to woo her as a potential mate; their aggressive courtship tactics frustrated her so much that she was forced to angrily put them in their place in the midst of a battle, against Czech gangster Tomas Brod, when he was in Manhattan. Later on, she more gently asked them to slow down so that any romantic feelings she might feel one day could develop naturally. Furthermore, to convince them to be patient, she tells the boys the potentially encouraging fact that she has 15 rookery sisters back at Avalon. She eventually chose Broadway. Angela is The Sister to Ben "Maza" Skywalker, & to Talon The Liger Beast,


  • Angela's Love Intrest is Broadway.
  • In the Thunderbolts Adventure Series, Courtney looks up to Angela as an older sister figure.
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