André Harris

André Harris (portrayed by Leon Thomas III) is one of the main characters in Victorious, the musically talented best friend of Tori Vega.


André is the guy everybody likes. He is good looking, supportive, friendly, and charming. He is always ready to give advice or ideas in a tough situation. For example, in Jade Dumps Beck, he told Robbie how to review Trina's play. He also suggested that Tori make a song as a present for Trina's birth week in The Birthweek Song. He's always the shoulder to lean on, especially for Tori. He will often comfort or reassure his friends when they are feeling insecure or upset like he does for Tori in the Pilot, Beck Falls for Tori, and Ice Cream for Ke$ha), protect them from harm (Cat in Crazy Ponnie), and will help them even when it's not convenient for him (like how he blew off his grandfather's birthday to write a song for Tori in Beggin' on Your Knees (episode) and when he lent Beck his grandmother's bird in The Blonde Squad). He has a sometimes goofy sense of humor, as seen in Robarazzi, Tori the Zombie, and Wi-Fi in the Sky. He is incredibly patient, exemplified by how he deals with his grandmother when she's freaking out. However, he does seem to have trouble controlling his emotions, as seen in Jade Gets Crushed, A Christmas Tori, and André's Horrible Girl.

Sometimes Andre would visit Tori and the cyberchase fighters along with Robbie Jade Beck Cat Rex and Trina.And go on adventures with them.


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