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Anastasia (voiced by Meg Ryan) is the royal princess of the Russian Empire, and the only surviving member of the Imperial family in Jaden meets Anastasia. As a child she lost her memory, and grew up as an orphan. The only thing she has is her necklace that says "Together in Paris", which is where she is trying to get to. Along the way, she encounters, Jaden and his friends, who actually know her, because they helped save her during the revolution while they were in the Imperial court. While some of the members didn't believe her to be Anastasia, Jaden believed her to be Anastasia. She also encounters Dimitri and Vlad, who help Anastasia regain her memory. After meeting the Dowager Empress, Anastasia finally remembers who she is, and regains her family. But after a rough encounter with Rasputin and Set the God of Chaos (who caused the Romanov curse), she and her friends fought them, and won. In the end, Anastasia marries Dimitri.


  • Anastasia will meet Jeffrey and his team in Jeffrey & Friends meet Anastasia.
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