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Amora the Enchantress is an Asgardian villainess who desires to have Thor be her consort. The Enchantress' parentage is unknown, though it is known she was born in Asgard and has a sister by the name of Lorelei. Amora began learning magic as an apprentice of Karnilla, Queen of the Norns but was eventually banished. She continued learning magic on her own, notably by seducing others well versed in magic and learning their secrets. In time, Amora became one of the more powerful magic-wielders in Asgard, with her magical arsenal focused on (but not limited to) charming and mind-controlling people. Her by-then well-renowned beauty did not hinder this.



  • Darkblade and his team will encounter Amora in Darkblade's Adventures of Hulk vs Thor, and at the end, she joins the team and becomes Darkblade's new student.
  • Amora will become Jeffrey's enemy in Jeffrey, Pooh, Jak, Daxter & Friends' Adventures of Hulk vs Thor.
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