Amon (Voiced by Steve Blum) is the main villain in the first season of Legend of Korra.

Born as Noatak, he and his brother Tarrlok were raised in the Southern Water Tribe, but things took a nasty turn when his father abused him, which made him have a hatred for Benders. He became the founder and leader of a group of extremist called The Equalists, whose sole purpose is to wipe out all Benders. He hid his face with a mask and his water-bending from his followers by using a chi-blocking technique which takes away bending. But his plan of get rid of Korra and the other Benders back-fired when he exposed his Bending, which made his followers turn against him. He tried to escape by a speedboat, but it ended up exploding due to a loose screw.

Amon without mask

Amon without his mask.


  • Since Amon sought to wipe out the Benders, it makes him a Number One threat to the Twilight Order.
  • Some say that Amon survived the explosion and is still at large.
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