Alya Césaire
Alya Cesaire (aka Rena Rouge) is Marinette Dupain-Cheng's best friend and creator of an internet fan-base Ladyblog. In the seven episode, Alya was akumatized into Lady Wifi by Hawk Moth.

In the second season, she became Rena Rouge.

In "Mayura", during the fight with Scarlet Moth, Rena Rouge is akumatized into Rena Rage, a fox-themed supervillain.

In the third season, she along with Nino Lahiffe became Oblivio.

In "Félix", after being fooled by Félix to think that Adrien didn't appreciate his friends, she is re-akumatized into Lady Wifi, and, along with Reflekta and Princess Fragrance, the three supervillains form The Punishers Trio, a group of supervillains who want to get revenge on Adrien, later Félix.


  • It's unknown if Alya would meet The Justice Guardians in the future.
  • She would later be an ally of Chris's Team after the two parter episode Heroes' Day in Miraculous: Chris the Lion's Adventure with Ladybug and Cat Noir.


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