Drago's and the Alpha's defeat.

The Alpha is a giant Bewilderbeast dragon that belongs to Drago Bludvist.


Drago used his Bewilderbeast to challenge Valka's Bewilderbeast for position as the Alpha dragon. Drago's Bewilderbeast killed Valka's, becoming the new Alpha dragon and seized control of the dragons, including Toothless by using a form of dragon hypnotism. Drago uses the new Alpha dragon to order Toothless to kill Hiccup, but instead ended up killing Stoick. Drago than used the Alpha to lead the dragons in an attack against Berk. After arriving back on Berk, Hiccup managed to free Toothless from the Alpha's control and Toothless battled Drago's Bewilderbeast for position as the Alpha dragon. With the help of the Dragon-Jeffrey, Dragon-Aqua, Dragon-Xion, and many other dragons, Toothless blasted its left tusk off and defeated it.


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