Baby Xion and Alexis

Alexis the Babysitter is a episode in Jaden's Adventures Chronicles to be made by Ren the God of Humor and Tigerman531.


Jeffrey is called to help at a science lab convention that'll last for 2 days, and the other members of the Justice Guardians are busy with various things, so someone's gotta watch over Baby Xion. Jeffrey asks Alexis to babysit his little angel for him. Alexis happily agrees, and spends some wonderful quality time with her little niece.



  • Baby Xion: *stomach growls*
  • Alexis: Awe. Is my little niece hungry?
  • Baby Xion: *nods* Uh-huh. *reaches her hands out to Alexis*
  • Alexis: *smiles and picks up Baby Xion* Well than, let's get you something to eat.
  • Baby Xion: *giggles*
  • Alexis: *takes Baby Xion into the kitchen, opens the fridge door, and takes out a milk bottle* Ready to be fed, sweetie?

  • Baby Xion: Yes, pwlease.

  • Alexis: *smiles* Open up than. ‬

  • (Baby Xion opens her mouth and Alexis places the teat in Baby Xion's mouth)
  • Baby Xion: *drinking the milk through the bottle happily*
  • Alexis: That's it, Xion. Drink it all up.
  • Baby Xion: *drinks the milk happily until she was done*
  • Alexis: *smiles and pats Baby Xion on the back*
  • Baby Xion: *burps loudly* ...! Excuse me.
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