Alexis in Wonderland is a movie spoof of Disney's Alice in Womderland that will be created by rtgoh1 and be published on Youtube in the late future.


Alexis Rhodes as Alice

Bunnymund as The White Rabbit

Nails the Spider as the Doorknob

Manny As The Dodo

Lazlo and Raj As Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum

Bartok the Bat As Bill The Lizard

Tooth As The rose

Pitch Black As The Caterpillar

Vitaly As The Cheshere Cat

Stefano the Se Lion As The Mad Hatter

Sid As The March Hare

Rocko As The Dormouse

Captain Chantel DuBois as The Queen of Hearts

Rumplestilskin As The king Of Hearts.

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