Balto's only daughter.

Aleu (voiced by Lacey Chabret) is the daughter of Balto and Jenna, and one of 6 of Balto's kids. She was born full wolf which makes it difficult for her to be adopted at a young age. A year later, she ran away from home to find out "who she is". She later meet a mouse named Muru, who became her spirit guide. She was reunited with her father when a black bear attacked them. After looking in the bear's mind, Aleu and Balto escaped from the bear unharmed. Soon, they come across a shore and meet a pack of wolves lead by Balto's older brother, Nava. One of them, Niju want to steal food from the other wolf packs in order to survive and wanted to be the pack's new leader. But Nava, suggested to follow the caribou to a island where they gone. After a struggle with Niju, and Nava too weak to swim, Aleu became the pack's new leader after saying farewell to her father.


  • Aleu will meet Jaden in Jaden's Adventures of Balto 2: Wolf Quest.
  • Aleu will meet Jeffrey in Jeffrey and Friends' Adventures of Balto 2: Wolf's Quest.
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