Alana (voiced by Tara Strong) is the second princess of Atlantica, and the second daughter of King Triton and Queen Athena. Her hair decoration is similar to a crown, and like Attina's and Triton's, has five points, although in a different style, representing that she is currently next in line to the throne after Attina. She appears to be the one who is most interested in beauty and health. She speaks of her looks often, but she is, by no means, selfish or vain.


  • Her name is the feminine form of Alan.
  • Alana is 20 years old.
  • Her sisters say she's glamorous.
  • Her hobbies are picking wildflowers and making beauty cremes
  • Her pet peeve is having a bad hair day.
  • Her favorite food is low-salt coral blossom stew.
  • Her favorite music genre is jazz.
  • Her favorite musical instrument is the tambourine.
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