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"Showtime!" -Kurata's catchphrase.

Akihiro Kurata (voiced by Brain Palermo) is the main antagonist of Digimon Data Squad. He is a xenophobe to all Digimon, and seeks to destroy them. He created his own Digimon called Gizumon (built from the remains of other Digimon he killed) to help him destroy the Digimon. He also fused together Humans with Digimon DNA and called them Bio-Hybrids, who served as his henchmen. His ultimate plan was to conquer both Digital and Human world with an evil Demon Lord Digimon called Belphemon. But he was defeated by Marcus Damon and Agumon. Kurata was killed after he set off a space-oscillation bomb to destroy the Digital World, but instead aggravates the spaces between the Real and Digital World. As he floated helplessly into the space between the worlds, he then vanishes into an explosion of bright light.


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