"What are you doing here?" - Aisling to Brendon

Aisling (voiced by Chirsten Mooney) is a forest spirit known as the Tuatha De Danann and one of the main characters in "The Secret of Kells". She lost her family long ago when she was baby by Crom Cruach, and later on, the friend of Brendon. She leads a pack of black wolves, in the form of a white wolf. Aisling lives in a forest where she meets Brendon, who was forbidded by his Uncle Cellach from entering, mainly for his safety. Aisling helps Brendon to find the evil being, however, she disappeared in the process. Afterwards, when The Vikings attacked in Brendon's home village, she had her wolf clan take out the warriors, allowing Brendon, and Aidan, his teacher to complete, The Book of Kells. Aisling is kind, tricky, and timid whenever evil is near. When Aisling sings a song, she uses her powers to change, people and animals into different shapes and forms. An example of this is shown when she turns a cat into fog and back.


  • She becomes the adopted daughter of Mewtwo and Good Fairy and joins Pooh and friends on their adventures.
  • Jeffrey and Jaden will meet Aisling in Jeffrey, Jaden and The Secret of Kells. Jeffrey will become a father figure to her, similar to how Mewtwo is a father to Aisling in the Pooh's Adventures series.
  • She becomes IG-88's Girlfriend in Ryan Lewis's WWF Chronicles (A prequel to IG-88's Adventures Series) and becomes one of the main characters in the IG-88's Adventures Series alongside Mewtwo.
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