Adrian Gecko (voiced by Darren Dunstan) was the secondary antagonist of Yu-Gi-Oh! GX season 3. When Adrian was a young boy, he didn't know anything about his family until adopted into the Gecko family, and met his friend Echo. He did everything he could to help his new family, even saved his younger brother from a deadly disease. Adrian is also a very smart boy, kind, and according to Echo, destined to become a king. He managed to do so in the dark world by calling forth Exodia, but at the price of losing Echo. He was sent to the stars afterwards from losing a duel to Yubel. Adrian has two Dueling Decks, one is a Cloudian themed deck, and the other is set around summoning Exodia The Forbidden One.


  • Since Adrian Gecko's fate is unknown, Jaden likes to tell the tale of Adrian Gecko as a ghost story for fun.
  • In Japan, Adrian Gecko is named Amon Garam.
  • Adrian will return in the crossover special Crisis on Infinite Multi-verses.
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