Movie Ackar

Glatorian of Fire

Ackar (voiced by Jim Cummings) is a Bionicle Glatorian warrior of Vulcanus, on Bara Mangna. He was once a proud warrior, until meeting Mata Nui. From their, Ackar has learned what it truely means to be a toa, and became great allies with Tahu, during the final battle with Teridax.

After Mata Nui was ressurectted, he and Ackar decided to travel with The Miztyk Knights, along with Kiina, and Gresh. Ackar is strong and wise, and ready to help if the others are in trouble. Ackar's Fire Sword releases a powerful stream of fire at a great distance to no end.



  • Ackar and Tahu will soon start this friendship/rivalry to try and help each other improve in their combat skills.
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