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Ace the Bat-Hound (Voiced by Scott McNeil) is Batman's pet dog (though he says partner) Batman took him in after he busted gamblers forcing dogs to fight (that's where he got his fighting skills and attitude) he has knowledge unlike other dogs and is equipped with many gadgets in his utility collar. He is a Great Dane/German Shepherd mix.


  • Master Detective: Like Batman, Ace is a great detective. Able to find clues and pinpoint were criminals are about to strike next.
  • Good Sense of Smell: Ace uses his sense of smell to aid in his detective work to find criminals and clues.
  • Tracking: By using his sense of smell, Ace can track down criminals.
  • Interrogation: Ace can interrogate others into giving out information about the criminals next heist.
  • Gadgets: Like Batman, Ace has numerous gadgets stored in his collar, such as Batarangs and a grappling hook.



  • Jeffrey and Jaden might meet him in the future.
  • He is also enemies with The Joker's Hyenas.
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