Ace standing
"Let's Jet!" - Ace

Ace Bunny (Voiced by Charlie Schlatter) is from the future in the year 2773 of the city Acmetropolis and the Main Leader of the Loonatics. Ace, Lexi, Duck, Slam, Tech and Rev got their superpowers from a meteor which struck Acmetropolis. Ace is a descendant of Bugs Bunny (and quite likely, Lola).

Before getting his powers a year earlier, Ace was a martial arts stunt double in films. He always beleved that he could do more than the average stunt double, although his ideas were put down by the directror. Ace is cool, adroit, quick-witted, action-driven, calm and collected. He meditates a lot which keeps his temper down. Despite being sometimes a no nonsense leader he is a trickster and likes to mess with people

Ace is constantly having to keep Duck in check as Duck hopes to one day lead the Loonatics. Although him and Duck don't always see eye to eye, he is known to follow Duck's plans and sometimes sees him as a brother-figure.


  • Agility
  • Optical enhancement: Infrared laser-lock vision.
  • Laser vision: Can fire laser blasts from his eyes.
  • Weapons:Guardian Strike Sword (weapon): Ace's collapsable sword. Later it's soon discovered that the sword has the ability to emit energy blasts.


  • Ace & his teammates will meet Craig & his friends in Craig & Friends Adventures of Loonatics Unleashed
  • Ace & his teammates will meet Craig & his friends again in Craig & Friends Adventures of Terminator: Genisys. At the end, he, his teammates and Pops will join the club.
  • He is known to use his ancestor Bugs Bunny's lines.
  • It is unknown when Ace will meet Jaden, Jeffrey and the Justice Guardians in the future.


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