Abis Mal

Abis Mal (voiced by Jason Alexander) is one of the minor antagonists in Jaden's Adventures of The Return of Jafar, sequel to Jaden meets Aladdin, and in its television series.

Abis Mal is consistenly portrayed as a power hungry, greedy criminal but absolutely hopeless at his career - even in rare moments when Abis Mal gains phenomenal power (such as when he gained control of a genie - not just once but twice) he is often clueless as to what to do with it.
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Abis Mal's defeat.

Abis Mal dreams of being Sultan one day but not so much out of a desire for power (though it is a definite plus) but due to his bizarre obsession with hats - Abis Mal's hat craze is played upon greatly in the series and he envies the Sultan for having a bigger hat than he does and show maniacal glee whenever he succeeds in donning the Sultan's hat.

Abis Mal is considered one of Aladdin and Jaden's weakest and most cowardly villains but is one of the most recurring - making up for his relative lack of threat with sheer determination.


  • Abis Mal will be a minor villain in Jeffrey & Friends' Adventures of The Return of Jafar.
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