Aaron and Arik go to Fantasmic! is an upcoming adventure, where one's imagination can help out in big ways. It is created by Aaron The Wise '91, and StevenTheKing.


The Miztyk Knights (along with Arik and his friends) are going on vacation to Walt Disney World! Mickey Mouse is performing his Fantasmic show once again. However, just like before, Aaron and Arik's old enemies have returned to create a Nightmare Fantasmic, with Lucifer at the helm, of course. Can Aaron and Arik save Mickey's dream one more time? Or will Lucifer finally have his way with Mickey and the world?




  • Playing with the Big Boys (sung by Hotep and Huy)
  • A Whole New World (sung by Sora and Kairi)
  • Let My People Go (sung by Rameses and Moses)
  • Are You in or Out? (sung by Lucifer and the villains)
  • We Are Family (from Ice Age: Continental Drift) (sung by the heroes)
  • Townsville's Going Down (sung by Myotismon, Apocalymon and the Dark Masters)
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