Aaron Meets Peter Pan is one of many legendary adventures in Aaron's Adventures.


Aaron and his friends are back in London, and meet The Darling Family, and the Parents George and Mary Darling, and their children Wendy, John, and Michael. However, that night, George Darling tells Wendy she ready for a room of her own. As the parents leave for a party, The Knights soon meet Peter Pan, a boy who wouldn't grow up, and his fairy companion, Tinker Bell. Who takes all the kids to Neverland, a place where children can never grow up, and encounter The Lost Boys, The Indians, and The Pirates with their leader, Captain Hook. The group soon has an adventure of a life time.



(Hook's new recruits.)

  • Captain Hook: That blasted Peter Pan, and his new friends, The Miztyk knights are becoming a thorn in my side Smee.
  • ???: Then maybe the three of us can help.
  • Captain Hook: Odd's fish.
  • (the three are revealed)
  • Captain Hook: Who be the three of you?
  • Minos: I am Minos, King of Crete, and Highest Judge in Tartarus.
  • Thanatos: I am Thanatos, God of Death.
  • Mars: And I am Mars, God of War.
  • Mi,T,Ma: We are servants of Lucifer, The Devil.
  • Capatain Hook: (shocked) It Can't Be!
  • Smee: (Scared) Its them all right.
  • Minos: Now we have some interesting news, mainly Peter Pan banished Tinker Bell.
  • Hook: Did you say Pan has banished Tinker Bell?
  • Smee: Aye, Aye Captain. That's what I heard, and he confirmed it.
  • Hook: But Why?

(The Knights Surprise)

  • Aaron: Well, we'll be on our way.
  • John: Take care.
  • Michael: Good Bye Aaron.
  • Wendy: We'll miss you.
  • Megan: Us too.
  • Keith: (turns) Well, will you look at that.
  • Wendy: Oh mother, he really is wonderful isn't he? (clouds forming ship) See how well he sails the ship.
  • Mary: (shocked) George? George!
  • George: Now what Mary? (startled) Nana, Did you see...?
  • Nana: (Barking)
  • George: You know I have the strangest feeling that I've seen that ship before, a long time ago, when I was very young.
  • Mary: George Dear.
  • Wendy: Father.
  • Singers: When there's a smile in your heart, there's no better time to start. Think of all the joy you'll find, when you leave the world behind, and bid your cares goodbye. Ah, You Can Fly! You Can Fly! You Can FLY!
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